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Now insurance carriers can offer their services instantly anywhere a kioskquotes machine is!  We are continually looking to partner with insurance carriers around the globe.  From pet insurance to auto, home, life, and travel we want kioskquotes to offer insurance for almost anything on the spot, instantly.  It’s simple for insurance carriers to partner with kioskquotes!  Just complete our online application and we will reach out to you within 24 hrs. to be added to our platform.

As a retail establishment you can offer your customers an instant insurance policy solution just by having the kioskquotes machine in your store, dealership, DMV, or retail outlet.  With kioskquotes, auto dealership’s can offer customers a simple, fast solution to an instant insurance policy when purchasing a new car.   No agent interaction required.

As an insurance agency, you can have a custom branded automated insurance solution.  Use our insurance kiosk hardware and insurance software to catapult your agency to the next level.   We offer custom branded kiosk solutions for all insurance agencies.  We also offer annual leasing, and kiosk placement services.  Order your custom branded kiosks today and have them dealerships across the nation in no time flat!

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Instant Auto Insurance

kioskquotes, is for when you need insurance fast, you need it to be easy to get, and you need it to be reasonably priced.

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Automated Insurance Quoting & Binding Kiosks

That’s right!  You can add one of our kioskquotes machines in your establishment, and start offering instantly bindable insurance coverage today.

  • IOS and Android 7.1 Operating System
  • Built-In WiFi Connection Capability
  • Instant Quoting Platform
  • Quote, Bind, Pay with major carriers
  • No Agent Interaction Required

Some Of Our Kiosk Options

Checkout how you can get started with kioskquotes today!

Custom QR Code Banner Stand

A perfect solution to give kioskquotes a start in your dealership or business.  Order one of our custom branded kioskquotes banner stands.  These are an inexpensive way to get started right away with minimal investment.

kioskquotes Lite iPad Kiosk

If you want to offer your guests an elegant, futuristic touch screen solution you can start with our kioskquotes lite model.  this model holds an iPad using the IOS interface.  It’s super sleek and fits almost anywhere.    Great starter solution for smaller offices.

kioskquotes Elite Digital Kiosk

To make the biggest impression, and offer your customers and clients a world class experience with a full 15″ touchscreen, and custom branding.  Allow your customers instant access to auto insurance through nationwide carriers.

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What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


kisokquotes was so easy to deal with.  I started making money the first day the kiosk was in my shop.


Jenny James


I have clients everyday that come in to buy a car, and need insurance to close the deal.  With kioskquotes it simple, fast, and low cost.


Matthew Mint


We leased a fleet of these machines and kioskquotes had them deployed within no time flat.  They even helped us place them in quite a few dealerships.


Maria Marvel

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We are continually innovating every single day.  Our goal is to provide instant, bindable, affordable insurance using automated kiosks throughout the globe.  We partner with some of the nations top carriers, agencies, dealerships, and retail outlets!  Join us today!


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